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Wireless routers performance

The wireless routers are definitely a staple in the house of any man, of institutions, even of the means of transport in common.
Asus has launched the Lyra, a wireless system for the entire house, high generation. It utilizes advanced technology, ensuring coverage in every corner. Has up to five tubes, which have antennas, modules
tri-band to ensure a steady signal, a connection between hubs, thus being isolated from the connections of mobile devices. With a circular design, it is very easy to install, with security at the commercial level and intuitive application for configuration and control. Can connect to current devices that need high bandwidth. We can connect the router with the repertoire, but they use old standards, single or dual band, but it contains the band’s triple and it is not necessary to do this.
Hubs this device to communicate between them through a network of high-speed devices are connected on the left or depending on the capabilities of the devices.
This router Lyra covers an area of 557 square meters, with a single SSID name and automatically connects hubs, with the best signal. If a hub is relocated or added in the Lyra, it will automatically search the signal of other hubs, determining the best hub, selecting the best two antennas. Lyra has built-in software AIProtection integrated, with automatic updates free this software by blocking threats on the internet before they reach your network. Asus Lyra includes an overview of the connections of the devices of the family, being a powerful through which it is administered each dispozitiv which is connected to it.
This router contains 7 antennas: 4 smart, 2 standard and one is bluetooth, has a common operating
tri-band, data transfer wi-fi up to 867, I/O ports with hub primary hub satellite, 3 hubs.
These are the specs in brief for this high performance router, but is not the only smart.
To choose a high performance router has to support wireless connection of over 1 Gigabit. The new 802.11 ac standard is compatible with older devices. He must bear the standard NEEDLE, such as if at this moment you don’t have a device that supports AC, maybe in the future you will want to purchase one, they supporting multiple simultaneous connections, allowing the transmission of video content FullHD and 4K. Wireless routers equipped with 802.11 ac are capable of data transmission of the wide band on the distances in which are not obstacles. The security of the network is very important, you don’t need to let anyone to access personal files, to infect with viruses and other problems. Routers with 3 lanes offer a connection additional 5.0 GHz, but this type of routers is not necessarily a home, for these are enough ones with dual band.
It’s hard to categorize a router as being the best, for it depends for what you use: for home personal, for an institution, here comes and the budget of which depends on every, speed, reviews, additional functions. If you want to use at home, the ideal is a router not too powerful, but it depends on what you use. If you wish to play, to watch serials in high quality, to do streaming, you need a powerful router. Not only routers with renowned are very good, we can choose and routers less famous, but to do much more than they do one that is called in a big way. I was talking above about the Asus Lyra that really look and in a way more futuristic, but this thing is important when those that you buy necessarily and to design. We can’t say that it didn’t look exceptional, but sometimes talk about the money that we have available to purchase something.

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