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Dedicated Server XL

24/10/2015, Written by 0 comment


  • We offer a broad range of Linux operating systems.
  • This upgrade will add an addtional IP address to your SERVER.
  • An administration panel provides a comfortable web interface to administrate your SERVER.
  • Our RAID and backup solutions will protect you against the risk of data loss.
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This type of server is equipped with the latest hardware components on the market, harmonizing perfectly applications that consume huge resources. It is equipped with processors located next to each other to avoid high heating, beeing equiped with high memory, quality processors and the latest SSD generation that reads up to 500 mb / s, everything instantly.


Dedicated Server Configuration

CPU 10 x Intel Xeon E5 2620V2 Operating system Linux / Windows Server 2008+2012
RAM 60 GB  RAM Root access
Disk storage 1600 GB SSD IP addresses 1
SSD boost IPv6 addresses 65,535
Port / bandwidth 1 Gbit/s port Reboot web interface
Traffic UNLIMITED OS reinstall console



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