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The new Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus and Iphone X

Already a few days the latest models of Iphone are available on the market. It looks similar to the Iphone 7 and 7 Plus, but they have improvements such as wireless charging, camera much more performance, processors much faster. The Camera is the most exciting camera that I own the Iphone 8 and Iphone 8 Plus, being built for the reality augumentata and motion tracking. They have glass on the front and on the back, and the colors available in the two variants are silver – gray, pink-gold, variants of 32 GB. 128 GB, 256 GB, and the prices are between 700 and 800 dollars.
Iphone X is the most attractive phone ever created Apple. Has the display on the entire surface and has no home button. Is upload wireless, has the make id and emoji animated. It is not yet available on sale, than at the beginning of November and will cost 1000 dollars, of course prices vary depending on how many GB it has. It’s called the Iphone ten, not X as well as he thinks he is. New variations of the Iphone have the IOS operating system 11.
After the official launch already noticed that the first data does not look too good for those from Apple. After some studies, we find that the rate of those who have installed IOS 11 until the moment of release is much smaller than the rate of those who have installed IOS 10 when he was released. Many are beginning to complain that they have problems after installing, so expect updates. Most problems are related to battery life and slowing the serious phones. There are applications that are closed by themselves, talking here about applications not optimized, or problems of the operating system of the of rotation of the screen, the keyboard, the application for the room. Sometimes these problems are so big, you have to restart the phones forced. It looks like there are problems with the Control Center, the buttons Wi-Fi and Bluetooth being unnecessary, and the widget for music control also. I don’t know how it will solve this problem, but is waiting for the release of IOS 11. 0. 1 to solve some of these problems.
Function Make ID will definitely be desired by those who use Android. By Making Apple ID has implemented an advanced system of security, but the Iphone X also has another function that protects the privacy even more. It talks about a function that holds the Iphone X and we show notifications only when we look at the screen of your phone.
The battery of the Iphone 8 has a capacity of 2715 mAH, being the largest with 24 mAH than the Iphone 8 Plus, being able to integrate a battery much larger in a small case. The battery of the Iphone X will have the same autonomy as the and the Iphone 8 Plus. It sounds like it will be possible and a golden color on the market, but it not being announced at launch, so I don’t know yet for sure.
The Iphone X has cpu frequency of the new chip A11 Bionic, being 2.4 GHz. It is possible that only the kernels of processors complex to have 2.4 GHz, and the other to have a frequency smaller. On October 27th, the phone will be available for preorder in many countries. It is expected that there will be enough phones for preorders.
So we’ll look forward to the appearance on the market and the famous Iphone X, which with all that has been announced, it is not yet available. Those interested will have to wait another month from now, so maybe by then it will solve and the problems with IOS 11.

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