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Smartphone accessories

If you own a modern phone, you will definitely want to have accessories to match. In case you own an Iphone, headphones are unique, they have a shape and a sound quality outstanding. You can enjoy in full of the unmistakable sound if you have headphones original, with a wide range of colors. About sound quality to a package of headphones we can talk about the good when it comes to any headphones original.
PopSocket is another accessory that you shouldn’t miss if you’re a enthusiast of the phone. In it you can support your phone when you want to watch a video or when you want to talk more through messages. They look very good, you can choose them according to colour, simple, elegant, with different symbols or you can customize. Definitely a few years ago I never dreamed of such accessories, we would have taken to keep the phone simply in your hand, so and so didn’t really have many things to be seen on him. Today, however, it is with everything else.
A cover is an accessory even customary for any type of phone. It not only give a more pleasant layout your phone, but most importantly, you will protect it from shocks, scratches. When you have spent a fortune on your performance, it would be a shame not to protect it with these accessories that you can purchase in specialty stores at different prices. They are made of plastic, silicone, leather, with application of rhinestones, with minimalist design or simply a single color or transparent. There are covers of the phones with the camera built-in digital, being able to take photos at a professional level. If you want to be different and have a budget without limits, you can protect your phone with covers by renowned companies, slipcovers, specially made on order from genuine leather.
We can purchase for our smartphone and wireless headphones, gloves touch, bracelets for fitness, VR glasses, car accessories, selfie sticks and the list can continue.
External batteries for phones have become a necessity, now, when in the era in which we live we use them so intensely and the battery used on the who owns the phone does not give us the whole day. There are external batteries simple or with the built-in, which attaches to the phone. They have a load capacity large, up to 5,000 mAH battery and even 10,000 mAH, which can recharge the phone two or three times during a day. Of course, you can choose a smaller version with a single charge, with a size that you don’t take up too much room, now to meet their needs.
For protection the screen can’t we talk like we want something sophisticated and expensive, but here even it is necessary to have a very good protection to shield the phone from possible shocks.
If at the beginning it appeared the foil is quick to protect the phone’s screen, along came the foil of tempered glass. In 2016 appeared protection liquid WowFixit, which can be applied in only 3 minutes. Does not affect the response time of the screen, which can be applied on tablets, laptops, smartwatch, smartphones, digital cameras. The gel is composed of silicate of titanium, being antibacterial, non toxic as it is a solution organic. This protection covers the right and imperfections, ensuring the hardness of the diamond. Due to the manner of application, there is no risk to form bubbles.
Even if some consider that they have nothing to protect the screen which already is made from a resistant glass, is cheating. The foil of the bottle you can replace it with money a little, when the screen of your phone if it breaks or is chipped, you cost a lot to replace and it may be that who you replaces not to do it in a way that just professional.

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