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Dedicated Server M

24/10/2015, Written by 0 comment


  • We offer a broad range of Linux operating systems.
  • This upgrade will add an addtional IP address to your SERVER.
  • An administration panel provides a comfortable web interface to administrate your SERVER.
  • Our RAID and backup solutions will protect you against the risk of data loss.
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The Dedicated Server M is built for performance. It can support hundreds of thousands of visitors to websites daily, it can hardly be put down by applications.


Dedicated Server Configuration

CPU Intel Xeon (6 x 3.20 GHz) Operating system Linux / Windows Server 2008+2012
RAM 20 GB RAM Root access
Disk storage 1400 GB HDD IP addresses 1
SSD boost IPv6 addresses 65,535
Port / bandwidth 1000 Mbit/s port Reboot web interface
Traffic UNLIMITED OS reinstall console



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