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The drones

The drones are an invention of military, which in a short time and made his appearance in the civil. Every year make their appearance more and more models.
When we want to buy a drone, you should keep in mind certain criteria: what we want to do with them and to know if we’re allowed to do with them what we want, on the territory of the country in which you use it.
Drones Ready to Fly models that you can take out of the box and put them to flight. They just put the battery and then the propellers. Are the cheapest models, with the autonomy and range of action very small.
There is of course the models Ready to Fly quite efficient.
The drone Bind and Fly models are ready to fly, having purchased them only the remote.
The drones Almost Ready to Fly ones are configurable that can be accessorized with large batteries, stabilizer video camera, with screw propellers to large.
The drones Custom made are the models that you design yourself on the basis of the components found.
The autonomy of these flying machines is very important. Models very cheap can only fly a maximum of 10 minutes. On windy drone may consume more current.
The maximum altitude at which can fly a drone is 2000-3000 metres.
For video productions we have chosen a model that will fly high enough to catch the goal. A video camera with the wide lens can help to reduce the height required, but will distort the image.
The remote has a certain range. A drone that goes out of range of the remote control, it can be lost very easily.
What safety measures should you take when you want to use a drone?
To check the battery level, so that you know when to bring back the drone.
Don’t remove too much drone, not to go out of visual range.
Very important is that the drone to have the function that we t to land when the battery level is almost zero, so as not to remain in the air until exhaustion.
The drone to have a detector of obstacle avoidance and automatic.
If the drones are able to fly at the fixed point, in reality all problems may arise, as well as atmospheric conditions.
Wind resistance is much better to the drones of large size.
You can use the remote and your phone or tablet to control the drone, but too many controllers will be unnecessary.
The drone with the propeller and arms folding occupy more space on the carrier, but a flying machine with fixed components is much more resistant to vibration and shock.
So, when you want to buy a drone, you need to think ahead for what you use, to interested in what you can do with it on the public space, what can you add to it, what weight can support.

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