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The impact of the penalties Google on a website

In order to not negatively influence the user experience of the internet, Google has implemented a series of algorithms and criteria by which indexes sites and positions. All this to eliminate spam, piracy and other negative things.
The most important updates are : Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pirate Updates.
If you will find a save very large traffic in a short time, it is possible to have the site penalized by Google due to practices that I don’t agree with the updates made them. This penalty can be eliminated, by the change of harmful practices.
There are two types of sanctions:
1. Manuals – for two reasons, either the site has unveiled something dangerous, or someone report. In this case it will send a notification through Webmaster Tools. It is the most severe case.
2. 2. Algorithmic – an algorithm notices that the break lines search and apply automatically a sanction, putting the site below with 20 positions in the ranking. No notification is made, but it is easy to regain the positions lost.
To get rid of the penalties, it is important to know what type of sanction is. Depending on this, the recovery procedure varies.
We know Panda is a algorithm that affects websites that offer poor content or too many ads. It was released in 2011.
Penguin is a algorithm that affects other sites which tries to create links artificially. The first occurrence was in 2012.
To get rid of Panda you need to get rid of duplicate content, have much original content on a page, to have an amount as little of the content unoriginal, not to have inappropriate ads, especially in the top of the page, page content and page title to match the query of search.
It is recommended to jot down what he did , so that you know when you have a such problem.
The solution to get rid of Penguin is to get links from the profile, to cut off spam links, to request deletion of the links, to remove them after a while through the Disavow links, send a reconsideration to Google.
After you have done everything possible to eliminate what was harmful, you can send a review request to Google. It will check what you have done and will decide what is to be done.
Efficiency efforts can then see with the help of the analysis of organic traffic, and if everything was done properly, organic traffic will start to grow.

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