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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is still present, and reshapes the world in which we live.
There is a difference between intelligence artificial, learning the car and learning deep.
Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science with the help of which we try to build intelligent machines and to model human intelligence.
Learning the car is a branch of science intelligence artificial which aims to create machines the ability to learn. They make this possible through the use of algorithms that identify patterns on the basis of the data primates, the cars can take decisions, becoming intelligent. So the car only needed to be programmed for each action part.
Learning deep is a branch of science learning the car, representing the most advanced area of artificial intelligence. She is focused on to provide cars the opportunity to learn and think how much more similar people.
Intelligence artificial appeared in 1959 and is the art of creating machines that perform functions that would require intelligence if it would be met by the people.
Methods of learning the car does not allow eliminating the need for the programming of the car for every action from a whole list and it sets out how we should act intelligence to each of them. Arthur Samuel worked intensively on the development of intelligence artificial. He used a game of chess for his research, and subsequently his work has influenced computer programming IBM.
Currently, the methods of learning the car are becoming more sophisticated, they are integrated in a number of medical applications complexes on the diagnosis of depression, the analysis of the genome to prevent diseases.
Learning deep require a complex architecture that mimics the neural networks of the human brain to make sense of patterns even when details are missing, the data are not sufficient or they can create confusion.
Elon Musk said that the intelligence of the artificial is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
A nuclear war devastating that could lead to the extinction of the human race could be caused by intelligence artificial, starting with the year 2040, said a specialist in the field of security.
Findings that lead to the development of intelligence artificial could encourage nations to consider the risks apocalyptic with their nuclear arsenals.
Some experts say as a dependent increased intelligence artificial could lead to new mistakes catastrophic.

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