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Optimization online business

If we’re headed for a business online, it is good to ask before what you need to do correctly in order to climb as more effective and not a time too long.
How do we make a website? If we have enough money, we’ll hire a firm to handle entirely on this aspect. The steps to follow are:
1. Registering a domain;
2. The creation of the site with the design, then choosing a hosting package, a company that deals with the hosting of that site;
3. Optimization for search engines is called SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). This aspect is very important for the sites, he must therefore be treated very seriously. SEO is the target for a site to be in positions higher in search engines (Google, Yahoo. Bing, etc.), after certain keywords. Definitely Google is the most important to be on top, because he has a monopoly, so most of the solutions need to be made to Google.
The main algorithms after which it indexes and ranks in Google are:
• Html tags, meta description, meta keywords, friendly Urls. Each page must have the keywords that have something to do with the main ideas of the site, they need to be placed in the content of these pages. It is good to register your site in web directories, portals, blogs in this field of activity. But to be able to maintain your position, you have to invest constantly in articles which contain such words, with unique content and relevant. Google changes the new very often the algorithms then raise or lower in ranking on the those who own sites. It is very important for this as the sites have a mobile version. Google takes into consideration this aspect.
• Optimization on the basis of marketing strategies ensure long term results, get and keep traffic, it generates a high margin of profit compared to other strategies.
I have created a site so as to be easy to read, indexed and ranked by search engines. The content has to be strictly on topic.
Adwords is located on the first place in the optimization, because it has a very high efficiency for Google, in the search results, benner on partner sites, Youtube, or Gmail.
Through the Google Display network can reach up to 90% of those looking for. Here we can target your audience by subject, context and even we can choose where we want to defend the ad.
Youtube website help to increase the site , helping the site to get notoriety, and Gmail can be a strong point.
And social networks can have notoriety. Facebook, for example, can greatly raise the a site, having the possibility to provide more detailed information to the profile.
Through affiliate marketing you can pay commision depending on the sales received.
Bloggers do reviews very good, they can be index in Google and can benefit from the promotion long-term.
Before you start a promotion, you each need to see what your competitors has, because if has great competition, can’t start with an investment of 100 euros monthly, so that it will have virtually no chance to have earnings. The investment in the design of the site is very important. He needs to look as good, to present to the trust and to be easy to use.
I have made tests on keywords, to be made bond between them. All must be closely related between them, to make sense.
Affiliation marketing is done only when already our site is a brand, and we already have sales quite large. Here you can directly control the sales and this is very good, but if you’re not dedicated, you can lose from these affiliations.
In short, without entering very much into the details, these are the important ways to effectively promote a business online.

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