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The new HTC models U11

Who is fond of HTC phones, or is simply curious about what’s new, today we will talk about the new launch, I mean HTC U11+ and HTC U11 Life.
Model HTC U11+ is the most powerful model in this range. This series of HTC range is the fastest and the most new.
Let’s talk about the HTC U11+ which has a screen of 6 inches, the appearance of the being of 18:9. This is a start for those who want mobile phones with larger screen than the already existing ones. It is known that at the moment the tablets have not been successful, they with a much larger screen than a mobile phone. The phones have greater success, because they are more often used and more handy, that’s why many prefer screens as large as possible.
Even if the screen of this phone is bigger, the resolution is very good, with 2880×1440 pixels. The screen has glass Gorilla 5, is type Super LCD5. That and people at Apple, they haven’t put the home button. The sensor footprint is in the back, below the camera. It is a way much better and discreet to open the mobile phone, without arousing the interest of those around you. Simply place your finger on the sensor, he was already facing towards you and no one notice what happened actually.
Has a antenna great for NFC ( Near Field Communication), that communication in the camp near, without thread, on very short distances, with low energy consumption, which allows two devices to communicate between them, touching them to each other, or placing them closer, at a distance not greater than 10 centimeters. The first phone with NFC was the Nokia 6131, launched in 2006. Those who have developed the technology were the ones from Sony, Philips and Nokia. The first Android phone that had NFC was Nexus S, released in 2010. This option is used both to mobile phones and to tablets, computers, credit cards or cars. With this function you can make the transfer of contacts and web pages, pay without contact, mate devices, transfer files. This function can have and uses experimental, being used to make the checking of the access and security, to verify the identity of a person and give it access or not in an office building for example.
Model HTC U11 Life has Android 8.0. In the room are the same functions as the previous model launched before them. Just the lens is a little bit different. The front Camera is a little bit different. The battery is bigger, 3930 mAh. There are model HTC with 128 GB, being at the same price level with the S8+, the competitor or. On the back of the HTC U11 Life is written Android One, because it is a platform more tightly controlled by Google, receiving a lot more updates than other models. The base has a Android 7.1 with elements and graphics Android Oreo. It has a screen of 5.2 inches with Full HD resolution. It has Snapdragon processor 630, with 32 GB of internal storage and 3GB RAM. The Camera on the back features 16-Megapixel camera with autofocus and the front camera with 16 Megapixels. The battery is smaller, only 2600 mAh. Is Edge Sense. The price is half that of HTC’s U11 Life and is available on the date of November 2 this year.

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