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Google Algorithm Updates

On august 1, 2018, Google made the largest update to the Algorithm of raking this year. As usual, a number of sites have been severely affected, while others had won.
Update 8/1, named Doctor Update, cut with a scalpel and many sites have been put on the ground, picking it up with traffic halved. It is possible to find yourself in one of the two situations or not, depends on how they look your site. All the sites profile have reacted immediately trying to find out what happened exactly.
What has changed with the Broad Core Algorithm Update?
Google makes small changes almost daily, designed to help users. This major Update following the march-April of this year, but it is more rough. You can’t hunt the changes and have sites intact every time, because even Google doesn’t have concrete advice, especially as we need to respect the many factors of SEO.
As a rule, the updates take into account more factors, but this time Google has assessed, in particular, depending on the relevance and quality of the websites.
For example, quality content, user experience, aggressiveness, deception, advertising, technical issues, SEO related to the quality of a site. Related to the quality of the content, you must know that a statistic WordPress look like at the global level we’re talking 85 million articles written monthly, which means that Google has very advanced techniques to select the content original and real.
You need to discover what issues are facing your company website and then to figure out what exactly has led to this decrease.
In terms of relevance, it you of the overall quality of a portal or site.
This update of the algorithm has affected the search results organic, but also business-local sites.
To better understand what happened, we need to see first what are E-A-T and YMYL and the connection between them, then to figure out the impact of Physician Update.
What is E-A-T in SEO?
E-A-T means “expertise, authority and trust” and play an important role in the Google Guide on the quality of the search. The guide has about 164 pages, but you have a summary here. Through expertise, authority and trust, the search engine wants to avoid the negative impact on people’s lives. Talk about medical sites with false tips for the treatment of pain, of disease. Sites diets that go in error the readers and the more they can hurt you.
Medical websites should have as sources of advice from specialists and the approach to be more credible, to have scientific experiments proven, testimonials, demonstrations. Good reviews and comments from customers. Materials signed by the authors who are doctors and who have already a profile on the major sites, such as Wikipedia or medical clinics important.
E-commerce medical: equipment and materials that promise more than they are. Along the experiences of the readers, it has come to the conclusion maybe a certain website is misleading. What you need to do is to have always good comments from readers, reviews, opinions from specialists. If you can make and video these things, or you can distribute, including on social networks, but that those who do have a credibility and a name.
Sites of nutrition and diet
In a simulation done on a few sites on nutrition, on different keywords, it was found that the traffic has dropped by 40-50%. Thus, we could translate as those that sell dreams translated into well-written texts and with a SEO flawlessly, all have been sanctioned. That’s why, you ought to work and the E-A-T, I mean at the confidence and authority of that site. Readers found him easy, but in time they realized that the materials played were not useful. Sites of nutrition which have increased as have the signatories authors of books or doctors, who appear on Wikipedia and other reliable sites.
Sites that have good reviews from the tens of thousands of clients, for example.
Local businesses can overcome this step if they consider that the transmitted message must be real, I mean we talk about the quality of the content, subsequently evaluated by readers, but also to multiple addresses by local business, which lead to the error clients. Google has taken into account, among other things, and the comments, reviews from customers and has decided if he’s penalized or rewarded that online merchant.
Were the affected sites YMYL “Your Money or Your Life” (your money / your life). More precisely, this massive update, 8/1/18, affected sites, medical and health. Some have called this change of Google as a Doctor Update.
What is a website YMYL?
What Google called sites YMYL is closely related to the E-A-T, because they include pages which might impact on the happiness, health, financial stability or safety of the users. YMYL not you quality, but how that could affect someone’s life.
Here we are talking about sites that contain:
-pages of trading
-pages of financial information
-pages of legal information
-entertainment sites, discounts, e-commerce.
You have to check which are the pages that have content weak to nonexistent, fake, exaggerated – which is meant to attract many clicks through headlines and pictures. Pages with a lot of advertising and classifieds advertising, more specifically pages made to promote the aggressive products. Very much pop-ups that are annoying and contain advertisements must be reduced, and the aggressive advertising should be covered. Plus, take into account and other SEO issues that you can discover after a quick scan of SEO.

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