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Addictive games

The World Health organization will make a new classification of the diseases and health problems in 2018, and the project is found and this condition. Is a problem more serious society, attract the attention of specialists, who say that computer use in excess can have serious consequences. Talk here about depression, or even death.
Computer games are increasingly present in people’s lives. Certain victims are children and adolescents who enter for days without a break only for the sake of passing on to another and another level.
Specialists say that the pressing on the key, button or mouse, followed by a progress in the game is associated mentally with a reward received. Our mind wants more and more rewards which make her feel good and so it can reach excess and addiction.
Many of the parents of the hobbyists Fortnite are desperate. The affinity for the game free of at Epic Games has turned into an obsession especially for the little ones without discernment. It didn’t help the fact that you can play on any device or platform. Can you take the laptop to a child, or you can restrict access to the desktop, but very many of the children have reached the end of 2018 to play on mobile.
Fortnite has turned into a vice, and a lot of kids get to be admitted in treatment centers for addiction to video games. In the context in which the teenagers refuse to go to school, it is not a surprise, a report from Bloomberg.
According to the publication, a large number of experts have compared it to a drug. Lorenzo Marer, an expert behaviour in the Uk, compared the way in which the children can not leave a Fortnite with the degree of dependence on that you give hard drugs. ”This game is like heroin. Once you become an addict, it’s hard to give up.”
This time, it is about the kids, but Fortnite has been quoted in the last year in several cases of conflict between the adults. In the first half of 2018, in Britain, in the several cases from divorce, the dependence of Fortnite has been cited as a main reason of the dissolution of the relationship.
Indeed, Fortnite is far from the first game which is addictive, but this detail doesn’t help parents who are trying to bring the teenagers on the right path. In the past, there have been similar cases with people who couldn’t leave World of Warcraft. Even the World Health Organization has classified addiction of gaming as being a true affection, a disease for which they seek treatment in 2018.

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