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China and Google Plus

Disagreements between Google and China are no longer a novelty. China has still prevented the Google search engine to conduct the activity. Google has closed offices on the territory of this country, and retired employees, and China has created a search engine of its own, controlled, which to not display the results “not allowed”.

And now we find out that social networking service Google+, though still unreleased officially, in beta stage, has already been blocked by chinese authorities. Theoretically such social networks are dangerous for communism, for that allow the expression of ideas. And if it comes from Google, so sorry!

Distensiunile of China and Google are multiplying, and the two entities are no longer just threats. Google is in the process of withdrawal of all the quotas in this country, and China wants an alternative local and controllable. And all this because the Google search engine is much too libertine, and he knows what is a democracy.

In conclusion, China has designated the News Agency Xinhua to carry out your own search engine, which will automatically be used by all smartphones and terminals that connect to the Internet through the company China Mobile. It should have a sufficient level of censorship to keep the billions of chinese away from the temptations of the evil of the West!

After disagreements between Google and the chinese government, which wished for limiting the results to searches on google.cn, the american company has started a series of negotiations for the liberalization of the Internet-site. And if they fail, Google has announced that it will close offices in China and the kind and the area dedicated.

And to not catch them unprepared these possible measures, the chinese have done what they know best: a clone. They have a loyal copy of the page of Google search, and have launched the new field goojje.com. The name was chosen because, they say, the last syllable of Google (gle) means big brother in their language. And jje would be the big sister.

The engine (Baidu Inc.) goes well, but probably isn’t too much asked at the moment. And of course, it only displays the results in accordance with the doctrine of the communist from power.

The chinese search engine Baidu, which holds a share of 76% on the national market of services of search on the internet, alitat with Bing, the search engine developed by Microsoft, according to Reuters.


The big gain from this agreement is that Bing will provide search services in English to customers Baidu.


Incidentally, both companies meet their objectives with the help of this alliance: Baidu expands abroad and Bing, it increases its exposure on the biggest internet market in the world.

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