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Homes equipped with smart objects

We live in a society of smart, no doubt. But as the dream of smart cities, much more effective for us as citizens, we can make our own universe smart even in our lives. After all, I’ve already started approach it with the phone.
Smartphone, smart TV, smart watch, smart home, there are a few of the names that have invaded modern life. Unlike a man smart (intelligent) these objects are and become smart only if you know how to use them and to take advantage of their skills.
Everyone’s house is his sanctuary, castle everyone, tell them how you want. It is however the place where we spend a good part of the time and that we can shape after our liking. If in the past, the kings and lords he improved the castle with new structures of defense, large rooms and stately, and with very many guards and servants, and now you can do the same, but not in the same way, but smarter. A smart home can change your way of life.
The phone has become really smart when he got a connection to the internet. The first time was on the slow connection, via 3G, but in just a few years has passed Wi-Fi, 4G and now is getting ready for 5G. The same pattern applies to smart devices in a home.
Because all of these objects smart working at maximum capacity it requires an excellent connection to the internet. And a good internet and fast is important. After you made a contract with one of the internet providers you must have a good router so you can benefit from the fast, anywhere in the house.
Here it is important to take your time to choose the best cheap router for you to be annoyed by the lack of signal or low speed. You should have a router dual-band that can give you internet on the 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands.
What does that mean? The router makes the two networks to which you can connect products smart. The first band is more stable, but the speed is not very high, while the 5 Ghz is faster, but the signal is not very strong. The two strips prevent network congestion and maintain good speeds for all connected devices.
I recommend that on the 2.4 Ghz band to connect devices that do not require a really fast internet and mobile devices, such as a smart phone, to be sure that you have the best signal, no matter you are not in the home.
Further, you can choose countless products that you could help to save light and heat consumed, the products to monitor your home and give you a sense of safety, or greater products that will bring you a plus of comfort.
For extra safety you can go to a lock base and a viewfinder that allows you to see who’s at the door without looking through the keyhole. Therefore, for securing housing you can choose a biometric system of access with the fingerprint reader like this. Mount the device then you can open the door with fingerprint, how exactly do you do with your phone. Another access method is the introduction of an access code.
If you want you can pick a lock base with the help of which you can lock and unlock the door from your smart phone or smart watch.
A smart watch recognizes your phone and unlocks the door automatically when you get home. It has a function the good for many of us, locking automatically, a few seconds after you left. So you don’t have to think about if you locked or not the door.
Once you have ensured that everything is safe it is time to pass to make your house more intelligent, and for that you need to take your plugs, sensors or smart light bulbs, which can be controlled remotely via a smart phone. Because all of these things to work is the need of a hub to manage all these things.
That’s why, when you decide to buy a smart product for your home, you need to be careful as those products to be compatible. For that I recommend that most of the smart products that you will install in the house to come from a single supplier.
If you have a power outlet smart like that you could schedule to operate at certain set times and so the air conditioner to operate automatically (if left on), so that when you get home is a good temperature.
With a smart bulb you can fake that you’re home when you’re not. You can program the bulb to illuminate, and to stop when you want. A light bulb might scare away thieves, even when you’re not home.
One of the most important things that can make you more comfortable in your own home is temperature control. It is very important not to be neither too cold, nor too warm, if you have a central a you can program it to maintain a certain temperature. However, you can only do this when you’re home. If you want to control your temperature remotely, from your phone, you must install a smart thermostat and a receiver acting starting and stopping the heating plant.
A video camera installed in the house would be useful if you have a small child or a pet and want to see what it does when you’re away from home. Or it can be used to monitor the court ‘or grandparents’ vacation home in the mountains or by the sea.

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