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Samsung Galaxy Fold

After big ads and promotions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold phone, still before appearing on the market to be sold, appear first negative reactions about how it is done.
The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold turned out to be a fiasco.
Samsung has hit out at a colossal PR scandal, shortly after its first foldable phones ended up in the hands of first users.
It is, more precisely, journalists and bloggers who received the phone call for testing and review. Unfortunately, however, many of these reviews will not be favorable.
Several cases have already been reported on the internet, with foldable phones that malfunctioned immediately after they were removed from the box.
The worst part? Each such phone costs 2000 euros.
Detaching the central area of the screen, half of the display that does not work and serious errors in the area where it folds are some of the problems reported by the first users.
Immediately after these complaints, Samsung has issued a press release in which it announced that it would investigate all these cases, to solve more quickly the problems.
With a new device, with an unused technology so far, it was somewhat expected that such incidents would occur.
In some cases, however, it is clear that people who have tested the new smartphone have not been properly informed, and have removed a protective layer on the display, thereby causing damage to the phone.
People thought it was actually a simple screen that could be removed. But Samsung notes that this is not the case and that the foil should not be removed.
The management of the company noted that it will inform all consumers about this issue, which, unfortunately, was neglected.
The manufacturer made the decision just days before the date set for the release of the foldable phone: April 26.
Samsung announced in a press release that it has decided to indefinitely postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold model.
Thus, the manufacturer states that he will take all necessary measures to make the phone screen more durable and not to appear such problems.
The release date will be announced in a few weeks, the press release said. Therefore, your foldable, which will cost around 2,000 euros, could be launched only in summer or even in autumn, fear experts.
Fans who have already done pre-orders will find out in a few weeks when they get the phone call they want.
Samsung also mentions that it will include clear warnings for users of the new model, so that they know that you do not need to unpeel the protective film from the display, because it is not a simple screen protection.
Even if postponing the launch of this long-awaited gadget will disappoint fans, it’s the only right decision Samsung could make, writes The Verge.
If productorul would have released the phone now, and the customers who would have bought would have had problems because of the screen, then it would be followed a huge scandal, of which she could hardly get out with his reputation intact.
However, it is alarming that until now Samsung didn’t know what problems there are with this gadget and it was only after receiving feedback from the first users to understand that for now this phone may not be launched on the market.

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