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Latest Apple News!

Apple’s September 12, 2018 event kicked off with a hilarious video showing the event’s preparation as Mission Impossible. An employee goes through dozens of cut-off times to bring the clicker (the remote for the presentation) to Tim Cook.

The first product brought into the spotlight was the Apple Watch smartwatch that received an upgrade.

Current apps will get a richer interface and you’ll be able to customize the core clock interface even more. You’ll be able to add the most important contacts, or the most important actions smart house that you can trigger directly from the Apple Watch;

The side button also has haptic feedback for much more accurate navigation, as the iPhone received with version 7;

New Chipset called S4 (64-bit dual-core processor) that can bring 2 times better performance;

It includes a much more accurate new gyroscope that can detect smoother movements and stronger forces up to 32G and will be able to detect a person’s accidental fall. This function will send messages to 5 close contacts when such occurs. This way you will get medical help faster;

The heart rate reader will let you know if it’s too low or if atrial fibrillation occurs;

More powerful speaker and more powerful antenna;

He’ll be able to take a medical measurement known as an electrocardiogram that you normally do at a hospital / clinic. It’s the first electronic device capable of such a thing that sells without a doctor’s recommendation. Prevention is not a bad idea at all especially in the case of heart problems;

Autonomy remains at 18 hours, but at what it offers I still find acceptable, although who does not want a week of freedom without wires.

iPhone Xs and Xs Max

It is ”of course” the number 1 smartphone in the world ! We don’t know exactly what Tim Cook meant when he said that but at least customer satisfaction is 98.% :

Brought on iPhone protection IP68

iPhone Xs 5.8 inch Super Retina Display, OLED fits in a smaller case compared to iPhone 8 Plus although it has the same size, 120 Hz (gamers will love the screen), 458 ppi;

the iPhone Xs Max will also have an OLED screen, but 6.5 inches, with the screen as big as the iPhone 8 plus, 120 Hz and 458 ppc case;

It remains the top cut in the screen where 8 sensors are hidden that do different things (from face reading, to lighting, to proximity sensors);

The first processor on 7nm technology. The processor is called A12 Bionic. Includes 6 CPU cores and 4 GPU cores, and does not lack the dedicated Neural Processor for user face reading;

Siri Shortcuts – function announced on iOS 12 at the developer event in the summer was quickly presented. You’ll get suggestions in your phone to automate a series of simple actions in your phone that you do repetitively, and you can trigger them with a custom voice command;

Camera – two 12MP cameras – one Wide and one Zoom

Smart HDR – if you want to photograph an HDR image, will make the previous frames so that when the combine images into one HDR not appear artifacts graphic (contours that do not overlap) as it was up until now the HDR images full of action;

The Bokeh effect – that blurry background that comes from professional cameras (DSLR) now is even more real. We may no longer be able to tell the difference between one made with a DSLR and one made with a smartphone. You’ll even be able to adjust the power of the effect after shooting. Is increbil how technology can integrate into a smartphone in particular on this side of the photo where I know better what it means the optics, what means the process of shooting itself on a professional machine; Apple has simplified everything at the touch of a button;

Homecourt – an application that shows your phone’s ability to do real time tracking of players on the basketball court, and to provide statistics about the player’s performance in real time. Can keep score, can display advanced statistics as well as the position from which he scored more often, and other indicators important for athletes are pure gold for measuring performance; That was really impressive;

Autonomy will be 1h higher than iPhone X

Dual-Sim-What ? Apple finally brought that possibility. For China with dual-SIM drawer for cards. For the rest of the world a normal sim and the second sim is E-Sim.

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