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Acer Aspire S 13

Acer’s new ultrabook, designed for Windows 10, comes in front of users with a metallic look from the premium range, but also with a spectacular screen. At a price of about $ 700 for the basic version, the Aspire S13 device offers users more than a Core i3 chipset, which Intel uses for its new series of processors. It comes with a 13-inch screen, with a resolution of 1080 pixels and a powerful battery, able to last up to 13 hours under normal operating conditions.
Unlike other modern laptops, Acer’s 13-inch ultrabook is based on a slightly rounded design that gives it extra freshness. Thus, the rounded corners perfectly complement a slightly woven front edge. The laptop is available in muted shades such as Pearl White, in touch screen version, but also in obsidian black, for the classic version, non-touch. Based on these small details, we can say that Aspire S13 stole a little bit from older brother Aspire V15 Nitro, the cover is provided with smooth and slightly rubberized face, very pleasant to the touch.
According to company officials, the cover is printed with a unique technology called nano-lithography, which gives it extra consistency to texture, making the device less monotonous than the classic aluminum-looking shell. Also, the laptop shows a number of details, such as the hinge inscribed with Aspire S, while on the edges of the keyboard block are guarded by firm lines, like a diamond cut.
Premium materials
Although Aspire S13 wants to be a more affordable laptop, the whole housing is made of aluminum. Thus, the premium materials existing on this device are far above other machines, keeping up with its main rival in this segment, Asus UX305. But there are a few aspects that, at a first touch does not give you much confidence. Thus, the keyboard does not seem so safe, the keys being maybe a little too soft to press, because of rubberized endings. Instead, the plastic trackpad seems a little too rough, even if it has a good sensitivity.
As dimensions, Aspire s 13 measures only 14.8 mm thick, shading the equivalent device from the MacBook, for example, which measures 1.7 cm. On the other hand, it is left behind by Asus UX305, which measures only 12.3 cm. Also, we can not talk about the lightest ultrabook dn world, as long as it already weighs 1.3 kg, hovering between the model of Asus, 1.18 kg, and MacBook Air with 1.35 kg.
Three processor variants
The main thing that differentiates but ultrabook 13 inches from Asus from other devices in the range is the use of processors Intel Core i. thus, in the case of Aspire S13, users will have the opportunity to choose between Intel Core i3, i5 and even i7. Also, the storage capacity is 512 GB, the device is helped by an 8 GB RAM.
Regardless of the chosen configuration, we will get a full HD screen of 1080 pixels, which is more than decent. At these features, we can sound like Aspire S13 is presented as a pretty solid Windows 10 device with decent performance and a look more than aragator.

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