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Online learning platforms

Facebook on Friday announced a new series of video products, including Messenger Rooms, a consumer-oriented video conferencing tool. The new product has many similarities to enterprise products such as Zoom, but tries to fix some of their shortcomings.
The video “appeared to be particularly important” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saiIt has been found that not only in times of pandemic or other problems, virtual school is needed at some point in this century. The technology is very advanced and we can create good enough platforms to participate in courses at home or in any other corner of the world, as long as we have access to the internet and gadgets.d in remarks on Facebook Live.
“There are a lot of different uses for this video. There are professional uses, but in many ways there are even more social uses,” Zuckerberg said. “And there are a lot of different products that need to be built, because use cases are sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle, in ways that require different products to optimize and allow people to do what they want.”
The CEO identified three different product categories: video calls, video cameras and live video.
Video cameras allow users to create a link to a virtual space that other users can join.
“This is a more recent model, popularized by business video conferencing tools,” Zuckerberg said. With Messenger Rooms, he said, Facebook aims to “have the main product of video cameras for social use cases.”
Now is the time for those who own media platforms to “fight” and create everything that is best for those who will represent our future.

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