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Nokia 2

Nokia 2 As expected, the launched Nokia 2. As always we are with batteries, downloaded to phones, Nokia comes with a battery-4100 mAh battery which hold up to 48...

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The new HTC models U11

The new HTC models U11 Who is fond of HTC phones, or is simply curious about what’s new, today we will talk about the new launch, I mean HTC...

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Optimization online business

Optimization online business If we’re headed for a business online, it is good to ask before what you need to do correctly in order to climb as more effective...

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Smartphone accessories

Smartphone accessories If you own a modern phone, you will definitely want to have accessories to match. In case you own an Iphone, headphones are unique, they have a...

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Wireless routers performance

Wireless routers performance The wireless routers are definitely a staple in the house of any man, of institutions, even of the means of transport in common. Asus has launched...

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The new Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus and Iphone X

The new Iphone 8, Iphone 8 Plus and Iphone X Already a few days the latest models of Iphone are available on the market. It looks similar to the...

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New AsusFone 4

New AsusFone 4 About what I could talk as news about the technologies? In It appear the news from day to day. Not only about programs, but about gadgets....

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High Quality Data Center

We have a particular datacenter equipped with surveillance 24/7, with a constant temperature, where you can always find someone to fix your issues. Our servers are equipped with the...

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24/7 On Site Technical Engineer

Our engineers constantly dealing with servers, so there will be no problems in uptime. Buy with confidence and we guarantee that you’ll become a faithful customer of in...

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